Application Form

Application process to OGQ CEP 2019-20 is now closed

Application Form

There are three ways to apply to OGQ CEP:


Apply Online

Please read the following instructions carefully before filling the online form:

  1. It will take you 30-45 mins to fill the form, so do it when you will have enough time without getting any disturbance.
  2. You have to fill the form in one go. Do not switch to any other app and do not press refresh or back button.
  3. Read the sample questions below to prepare yourself before filling the online form:
    • What were your key achievements as an athlete?
    • Who is the most inspiring coach you know? Why do you feel so?
    • Why did you become a coach? What excites you?
    • What are your desires and goals as a coach? Please be as specific as possible.
    • List key achievements of your athletes.
    • Why do you want to join CEP?

You can apply to the OGQ CEP online till 25th January 2019


Apply By Filling The Application Form (English or Hindi)

You can download and complete the application form given below:

You can type your answers in a word document and email to us or you can print the form and write your answers with a pen and scan the form and email it to us. The two forms are given below:

You may attach your profile/resume separately with the form.

Send us the filled form on

Last date to send us your form is 25th January 2019


You can record a video/audio of your answers

and send the file/downloadable link to Please refer to the form above for the list of questions.

Last date to send us your file is 25th January 2019


To empower high performance Indian coaches by enabling continuous learning and developing a support system.


Accelerate development of Indian coaches who can train athletes to become Olympic Champions.

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